Jean Grae feat Chen Lo – Threats


You’re looking at the New Harriet Tubman so all critics can suck this…

Well the love of my life (after Lauryn, Sade, Alicia,) just dropped a new single off The Evil Jeanius, which was produced entirely by Blue Sky Black Death. 

Thanks to nah via TFC


3 Responses to Jean Grae feat Chen Lo – Threats

  1. Big Homie says:

    Ummm, how come everytime I commment I have to type in my name, mail, and website info every single time???

    Anyways, this joint is nice.

  2. Yeah blood, no problem. I like ur site so I’ll be linkin you up a lot. $hort is definitely a legend man, and being from Oakland, I got nuthin but the utmost for dude. Leave it to some folks from the Bay to squab in the club tho LOL. Homie got his shit busted. Check out for my Richard Pryor First Black President Parody post. If ur inclined to post it, I’d appreciate the link up bruh.

  3. benhameen says:

    i dunno why you have to log in homie but thanks for the work. and good looking luke.

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