Whatever Happened to: D’Angelo?

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I remember when I first brought home the 12″ single for Brown Sugar. This being before the Internet or a new Dj dropping a new cd every week I didn’t know what to expect. I think I had read a write up of him in The Source comparing him to Prince and that was it. Me being a huge Prince fan I was pressed to hear it so I ran down to the local record shop and picked it up. I got home and threw the record on the technics, and became an instant fan of one Michael Eugene Archer also known as D’Angelo.

Now two classic albums and thirteen years later I’ve been wondering what the hell happened to the kid. I know he had some run ins with the law and he was involved in a car crash in which he was critically injured. His wikipedia page says that he recovered from the accident and even went to rehab on the island of Antigua. It goes on to say that he is working on a third album and with his string of recent guest appearances I think there is a good chance that we will see this album eventually, hopefully sometime in 2009.

Now in honor of the man and his music we here at PDS present a few of his remixes from his first LP, as well as a couple of joints that he appeared on recently. In this collection we have the Brown Sugar remix feat. Kool G Rap, the Lady remix feat AZ, and the Dreaming Eyes of Mine remix produced by J Dilla. Also as a bonus we threw in Imagine by Snoop produced by Dr. Dre, Baby I Won’t by Skillz, and So Far to Go by Common. Check them out let us know what you think and who we should feature in future editions of this series.

DOWNLOAD D’ANGELO THE PDS COLLECTION. burn with anticipation at the new album.


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